Shelter dog broke out of prison and jumped into the kennel next door, was moved: nothing can separate them


Dogs’ emotions are also rich and touching. Linda and Brenda, these two dogs, were once stray on the streets together and were later sent to a shelter, where the staff arranged them in adjacent kennels as usual.



But one day, the staff found them squeezed into one dog bed, which puzzled them. They checked the surveillance footage and saw Brenda escaping to find Linda…




It was evident from the footage that the walls between the two kennels were quite high, showing how strong Brenda’s desire was to be with her friend.



This desire touched the staff, and since then, the two little sisters have never been separated.

The staff even helped them move to a slightly larger kennel so that they could stay together all the time.




Because neither dog wanted to be separated from the other, they had to be adopted together, but this reduced their chances of being adopted…



Fortunately, Brenda’s escape to find Linda story went viral online, and many people noticed this pair of good friends. As a result, they found a forever home.



These little sisters achieved the happiness they deserved through their affection for each other!

While Brenda escaped for friendship, the following dog relied on the instinct of motherly love…

A pet hotel in Canada provides pet boarding services and sometimes assists in sheltering rescued stray dogs.




One day, the pet hotel received two recently rescued puppies, just 9 weeks old, who were separated from their mother for the first time. They cried in response to the unfamiliar environment…



These cries caught the attention of a foster dog named Maggie.

Maggie had recently been adopted and had previously given birth to a litter of puppies. However, two weeks ago, as the puppies grew up, they went to new families.



Perhaps the puppies’ cries triggered Maggie’s maternal instincts. Taking advantage of the staff being out for dinner at night, Maggie pushed open the water bowl in the crate and squeezed out through the entrance…




The successful “jailbreak” allowed Maggie to quickly locate the two puppies through their cries.

Although she couldn’t get into the crate, she pressed her body against it, as if comforting the puppies: It’s okay, I’m here with you.

When the staff checked the surveillance footage and found a dog had escaped the crate, they returned and soon realized that Maggie wanted to help these puppies…

So, they opened the crate door for the puppies, and Maggie rushed in and embraced them. Witnessing this scene, the staff decided to let them spend the night together…

With Maggie’s companionship, the puppies indeed stopped crying. They licked Maggie’s mouth and snuggled in her arms, as if they were back with their mother.



For both the mother missing her children and the puppies who had just left their mother, this kind of companionship was crucial.

Later, Maggie was taken back home by her owner, and the two puppies were successfully adopted. However, for the staff at the pet hotel, they would never forget this heartwarming story:

A loving mother who once helped lonely puppies get through a terrible time.